EMT Gloves

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Applies fundamental knowledge of the emergency medical services (EMS) system, safety/well-being of the emergency medical technician (EMT), medical/legal, and ethical issues to the provision of emergency care. Demonstrate how to properly remove gloves. (pp 36–38, Skill Drill 2-2) 3.

Rationale: This occurs after a stressful event. cumulative stress reaction. Rationale: This occurs when the EMT is exposed to prolonged or excessive Wear if there is any possibility for exposure to blood or body fluids. Both vinyl and latex are effective. Gloves (2 of 2) Removing gloves

EMT Midterm Exam 02-2013 59.c. Gloves, mask, and goggles are needed. 60.b. hemoglobin 61.c. Moro reflex. 62.d. As close to the body as possible 63.d. Pancreas 64.b. Commonly seen as blue or gray skin, deterioration of patient's mental status like confusion or restlessness 65.b.

Emergency Medical Technology The Community College of Baltimore County Essex Campus Rev. 7/2013 Page Gloves – 1 box (required) $15.00 . Uniform (required) pants as long as they are dark blue and in good repair). $50.00 . Footwear – Black leather safety shoes or boots -1

The EMT-Basic runs the risk of being exposed to a variety of blood-borne and air-borne C. Gloves (vinyl or latex) 1. Needed for contact with blood or bloody body fluids 2. Should be changed between contact with different patients

YBe careful about things that dangle or tear gloves yDon’t wear anyygy ything you really like. Hair yBlack or dark-blue EMS pants or slacks yBlack shoes or boots yNAMETAG / Skill C dNAMETAG / Skills Cards Uniform Guidelines for EMT-B.ppt [Compatibility Mode]

Christy's® Red Hot Blue Glue Polyethylene or PVA coated rubber gloves should be used for frequent immersion. Use of latex/nitrile surgical gloves or solvent-resistant barrier cream should provide adequate protection when normal adhesive application

Title: EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN-BASIC Subject: Patient Assessment Author: CHRIS RICHARD BLACK Last modified by: jwhitney Created Date: 9/5/1996 11:12:08 PM

Powder-Free Examination Grade Gloves • Easy Slip-On • 9.6” Length • Textured Grip with Beaded Cuff • Protein Rated TM TM TM TM TM TM TM EMT. Title: rev Dextera n DermaMed flyer Author: twalker Created Date:

FAID 175 EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN BASIC -5 Units *Effective Spring 2013. Fall 2012 will be 3.5 Units; Students are required to purchase nitrate gloves, 1 -way pocket mask valve and a Shasta College EMT Program student photo ID card. 6.

Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Table 2: Fundamentals of EMT-Basic: The Education Parameters of the Didactic Component Apply gloves, mask, gown, and eye protection for infection control precautions. 2. Have mother lie with knees drawn up and spread apart.

The Emergency Medical Services System and the Emergency Medical Technician-Basic A. Overview of the Emergency Medical Services system Module 1-3 . State of Wisconsin RN to EMT-Basic Transition Course Gloves (utility) – needed for cleaning vehicles and equipment e) Gowns

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