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By | April 22, 2014

Our members routinely participate in local Emergency Medical Technician classes in order to obtain continuing education credit. In addition, Halifax County Middle School, Lowes Safety Day, South Boston Heritage Festival, National Night Out, Halifax Library, Holiday Living Show, and

Also used by the school districts in the Student Assistance Programs. Dohn Fetterhoff, EMT, of the Halifax Area Ambulance and Rescue Association and retired from the Dauphin County Emergency Management Agency with 30 years of service. We also have Deric Moody of the

As a working Emergency Medical Technician at the basic level and to facilitate the passing of the School of EMT and became the Principal Instructor at that institution in After teaching he went back to school, this time at the California Institute of Emergency Medical Training to

Complies with the standards set forth in the California Health and Safety Code High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent 2. Immunizations –(required during the first semester of enrollment after accepted into the program) 3. Current California Driver’s license, EMT certification and CPR

EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN BASIC Contact Name (mandatory for all school submissions) Contact Telephone Number Applicant Information: A wallet size EMT card shall be issued by the California State EMS Authority, valid statewide for up

School of Health and Physical Education (415) 561-1900 FALL SEMESTER AUGUST 14 – DECEMBER 18, 2013 EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN Emergency Medical Technician – B This program will assist the 5. Following successful completion of the EMT program, California EMT certification requires

This course meets and exceeds all training requirements set forth by the State of California for Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic and is based on the National Standard Curriculum. EMT School _____ City

Halifax County EMS Dispatch Frequencies. P.O. Box 699 Tx: 156.240 DPL/115 1030 Mary Bethune St. Rx: 155.730 DPL/110.9 Halifax Va. 24558 45 School St. Tx: 155.670 Surry Va. 23883 Rx: 155.670 (757) 294‐5264 (PSAP) (757) 294‐5264 (office)

School Psychology Newsletter trouble Tara is a trained EMT. Debi Kipps-Vaughan The School Psychology Program is proud to introduce new faculty member Dr. Debi Halifax County for 10 more years after earning her doctorate because

Executive Management Team (EMT) Consists of the Chief Administrative Officer and the Deputy Chief Halifax Regional School Board, provides funding for programs and special services which are outside the core curriculum. The Municipal

Halifax Community College. William B. Lineback. Wake Technical Applies fundamental knowledge of the EMS system, safety/well-being of the EMT, medical, legal, and ethical issues to the provision of emergency care School age. Sucking reflex. Temperament. Toddler phase. Trust vs. mistrust.

Jan L. Jensen, MAHSR, ACP*3; Blair L. Bigham, MSc, ACP41; Ian E. Blanchard, MSc, EMT-PI"; Katie N. Dainty, PhD4; Doug Socha 3Division of EMS, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS; 4Rescu, Li Ka Shing "Hastings-Quinte EMS, Hastings County, ON; **School of Public Health, Tropical

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