What Are The EMT Requirements

By | April 19, 2014

An EMT certification is available for each of the four progressive levels of EMT training. These are EMT 1 (Basic), EMT 2 and 3 (Intermediate) and EMT 4 (Paramedic).

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In the world of medicine the EMT, otherwise known as an emergency medical technician, is the front line at the scene of an emergency. The EMT-Basic aids patients by giving first aid and basic life support at the scene, in the ambulance and during transport to the hospital. The EMT-B is the difference between life and death for many patients. Programs that train people to become and EMT in California are rapidly gaining popularity. A CA EMT-B career can be very rewarding. Emergency medical technicians help people and are the first line of medical assistants when there is a crisis. It is a fast paced and often action packed career. However, a CA EMT-Basic career is not for everyone. It takes a special type of person to be an EMT and to endure the training that is involved in embarking on a CA EMT-Basic career.

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emergency medical technician (emt) refresher requirements ˜˚˛˝˙˚ˆˇ˘ nationally registered emergency medical technician (nremt) how to maintain your

3- 4 Requirements for becoming certified as a New York State Emergency Medical Technician – Basic Complete general requirements for certification.

BUREAU OF EMS EMT-BASIC RELICENSURE GUIDELINES Relicensure is once every five years upon completion and verification of required continuing education and submission of the relicensure form.

National Registry of EMTs Continued Competency Program (NREMT Recertification Requirements) BETA—Version 2 Massachusetts providers

The curriculum, Emergency Medical Technician-Basic: National Standard Curriculum, is the cornerstone of EMS prehospital training. In addition, the new — To meet the time requirements of this revised EMT-Basic Curriculum, CPR should be a prerequisite. Basic life support is an

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